french door curtains or blinds

French Door Curtains Ideas

Take a look out of the door and you will see one thing. There is a good view out there. There also the nice wind coming through the door. But the main door may need the special handle, especially for the French door. For the glass door, it may need the better protection. This is why people add a door curtain on it. But there are several things to know […]

moroccan curtains for bedroom

Moroccan Curtains: Adding More Unique Attention for Window Treatments

Moroccan curtains can be such an alternative choice for getting more attractive look into the windows. The main function of the curtains is to block the incoming sunlight so that the temperature inside the house keeps comfort and mild. However the era of the advanced technology has slowly changed the function of the curtains to become a window covering to beautify the entire look of the house. It is because […]

turquoise western curtains

Western Curtains: Giving More Style to the Windows

Western curtains are available in various different great selections and models once you look up out there. Since the era of the advanced technology, there are more and more people who tend to get easily stressed and depressed because of bad lifestyle and having less time for them to get relax. In their everyday life, they must race against the time and it results in less spare time that they […]

cream damask shower curtain

Purchasing Damask Shower Curtain, Why Not?

Damask shower curtain is almost similar to jacquard as seen in both their appearances and constructions. Damask has glossy background whose design is raised and woven into the fabric. Damask fabric is commonly woven with cotton blended and polyester although some possess pure cotton. As seen in the budget side, damask is more expensive than others and need proper treatment once they are unclean to be washed with cold water […]

gold shower curtain liner

Gold Shower Curtain: For a New Experience on Showering

Gold shower curtain can be a really great addition if you want to create such an opulent look with this kind of fabric shower curtain. As a matter of fact, most of the fabric shower curtains will be medium weight and slightly textured. The good thing about this fabric shower curtain is that you can always combine it with all-over lattice patterns. Thus, it will result in incredible appearance so […]

entry door sidelight curtains

Sidelight Curtain Ideas

What makes a home to look attractive and comfortable to live? The answer of this question will always be started from the appearance and ends to the impression. For this, home design must have a soul. It must be life. Only from the life home design, the great environment can be made. The main entrance is also need some decoration. In the Europe home style, the door designed with sidelight […]